Richard Dunlop

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair (represented by James Makin Gallery 13 – 16 September 2018) –Free digital download of the exhibition catalogue available.

Forthcoming exhibitions 2019 – 2020:

Melbourne, James Makin Gallery “Images of Eden and Elsewhere” 29 May – June 15 2019. Opening Night Friday 31 May 6–8pm – All welcome!
Sydney, Sydney Contemporary, Carraigeworks September 12–15 2019
Brisbane, “Reap just what you sowSpecial Venue and dates to be announced soon, to occur in 2020

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“There is much art at any time and in many countries which is dogmatic, propagandistic or even appears to use human suffering as biodiesel to fuel art careers, submitting to the will of the State. But anyone who has been truly elevated by artistic expression, whether it be via a painting, a novel, movie, or passage of classical music will ‘know’ that it was an almost incomprehensible aesthetic and emotional experience and not the outcome of being brow-beaten to conform to a given view. While it should be self-evident to intelligent people that we need to conserve our remaining wilderness areas, relish living with diverse species, express wonder at the prescience of ancient wisdom, and be suspicious of equating ‘new’ art with ‘better’ art for example. But as Kahnweiler (Picasso’s dealer) pointed out, the communication of such must dwell predominantly in an aesthetic realm to have any triumphal effect”.  – Richard Dunlop

“I thoroughly enjoyed Richard Dunlop’s recent exhibition at your gallery. Dunlop’s growing achievement interpreting landscape has no real parallel among the work of his contemporaries, dealing as it appears to do with the stubbornly unfashionable subject of natural beauty converging subtly with environmental and broader moral concerns. I think his work will survive beyond the current fixation with the passing parade of narcissistic identity politics in which some artists opportunistically see a parade coming down the street and jump out in front. If anyone needed reminding of my favourite Keats quoteBeauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” – Professor Bernard Smith, 1998

“You’ll have to wait ‘til 2020 for the rush of the curatorium. They couldn’t pick a Messiah if their arses were on fire.” – Ray Hughes, Sydney Art Dealer, 2001

“If anything, Richard’s work is completely original by way of its singular vision.” – Alison Kubler, 2007

“One cannot help but think of Dunlop as an artist with a keen eye for detail and composition, but rather than create work slavishly to these watchwords, he chooses invocation”. – Dr Jonathon McBurnie, 2018