“The function of the artist is to describe the world in the first person: this is my life, this is my set of experiences. If you get twenty-five or thirty people like Bill Robinson, Joe Furlonger and Richard Dunlop who describe their world in the first person and you weave them together you start to get some sort of fabric of our society. I’ve got a basic belief that the eccentrics, the mavericks, the one-offs are the real artistic mainstream.”  Ray Hughes, 2002

“My father used to say, pretty much the only thing that he ever said, was that the mind was a country that you could develop, you can build and build it in every direction. My mother believed in developing the country of the heart. I sought to develop the country of the hands.” – Patti Smith

“Remember, there is never just one trend going on in art, never just one feeling. Mondrian and Matisse lived at the same time, together with Klee and Soutine. Old man Monet painted his water lilies while Cubism was being invented and after it was left behind.” – Andre Emmerich, The Art Dealers