Richard’s work exhibits a concentrated approach to developing an art practice, sustained over a long period. He has consistently carved a unique niche for his work – his painting practice contributes significantly to ongoing dialogues and discussions relevant to contemporary painting although he doesn’t subscribe to any one existing style or theoretical framework. He has developed a unique style while continuing to experiment and extend the boundaries of his own practice. If anything, Richard’s practice is innovative by virtue of its singular focus.” – Alison Kubler, 2007 

“Richard Dunlop’s multi-layered paintings present themselves from several perspectives simultaneously. Capturing the true beauty of organic chaos, Dunlop’s canvas could be painted from within, above or as a magnification of his beloved Australian natives. The skewing of perspective brings to mind, among other greats of Australian landscape painting, William Robinson and John Olsen, while repeated motifs seem to nod at the brilliance of Australia’s best indigenous artists.” Iain Dawson (Tim Olsen Gallery Catalogue Essay) 2007

“I have an abiding interest, I guess, in reinventing the tradition of still life as a painting tradition, and hybridising it with traditions of landscape and botanical illustration, and somewhere in that mix, I’m exploring the various ways in which botany has been applied to various cultural ends. If a stranger can visualise what that mash-up would produce, that would be close to the current exhibition of works which also have some resonances with the works of Dutch, Italian and Spanish artists of past centuries.” –  Arts Hub Interview of Richard Dunlop 2007