Australian Agents


James Makin Gallery
Director: James Makin
67 Cambridge Street
Collingwood VIC 3066
Ph: +61 3 9416 3966


Colville Gallery
Director: Trudi Curtis
91 Salamanca Place
Hobart TAS 7000
Ph: +61 3 6224 4088

Self represented in all other geographical regions

Copyright Inquiries

Reproduction of images of artworks on this website in whole or part by any means without the artist’s written permission is prohibited as a term of the use of this website. Copyright fees can be negotiated directly with the artist prior to publication at


Direct commissions of paintings may be made. It’s invariably a very pleasant and collaborative experience. A 30% deposit and some guidance is required. As commissions are unique by nature, part of the enjoyment of such projects is the discussions which takes place to customise a personalised or site-specific work. Inquiries: contact listed agents or