“I thoroughly enjoyed Richard Dunlop’s recent exhibition at your gallery. Dunlop’s growing achievement interpreting landscape has no real parallel among the work of his contemporaries, dealing as it appears to do with the stubbornly unfashionable subject of natural beauty converging subtly with environmental and broader moral concerns. I think his work will survive beyond the current fixation with the passing parade of narcissistic identity politics in which some artists opportunistically see a parade coming down the street and jump out in front. If anyone needed reminding of my favourite Keats quote “Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” – Professor Bernard Smith 1998

“Everything is collapsing and transforming deep inside the picture” – Per Kirkeby, 1998

“You make it look so easy” – Del Kathryn Barton, 1998

 “Painting is dead’’ – Paul Delaroche 1839 (long dead)

“My father was a bit of a beatnik and his favourite topic, almost his only topic, was the idea of the mind as a country you could develop, and develop, and build and build. My mother believed in the country of the heart. For me it’s the hand.” – Patti Smith

“Drawing is taking a line for a walk” – Paul Klee