Works on Paper

“My affection for Eastern painting began in 1992, with a work called ‘Night and Day in the Back Garden’, purchased by Stephen Rainbird from QUT (the curator of the Bill Robinson collection). I became interested in a verticalised landscape, and one which involved the flow of water, and experiments with perspective.” – Richard Dunlop, 1994

The emotive richness of the works on paper conveys a rich sensuality, a feeling for paint as a vehicle for the celebration of emotion.” – Professor Bernard Hoffert, Monash University, 2007

“With its vividly endless stretches of terrain, dense rainforests encapsulating peace and serenity, and its bold, conquering ocean line, it is no wonder that artists embrace the Australian landscape. Richard Dunlop, whose artworks are now recognised internationally, pays tribute to its beauty. His depiction of the landscape and culture is true, and evocative of real emotion… this is an arts manifesto; it shows the excitement of marking the unexplored bumps of a fresh canvas for the first time.” – Sophie Mann, 2014

“Dylan Thomas wrote about that in his poem The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower. That force, wrote Thomas, “drives my green age”. I can’t look at the complex botanical works of Dunlop without thinking of those lines and that “green age”.” Phil Brown, Art Critic