Animal Farm 1990+

Animals, and in particular, rhinoceros beetles are a recurring image in Richard Dunlop’s paintings where they intersect with themes of taxonomy, museology and changing identities and histories. Richard’s paintings represent traces of unreliable memories, circumstantial evidence and documentation of people, objects and events.”  Ian Galloway (Director, Queensland Museum), 2005

“The young pointer can no more know that he points to aid his master, than the white butterfly knows why she lays her eggs on the leaf of the cabbage. I cannot see that these actions differ essentially from true instincts.” – Charles Darwin, 1859 On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection

“Dunlop’s enduring response to the idea of connection, and as connected sentient beings humanity’s responsibility to be the good gardeners of our environments. This is a quiet missive, rather than a political statement and as such it resonates deeply with the viewer, like an experience of beauty that is felt rather than rationally understood.” Marguerite Brown Curator MFA

“Orwell never ends well”.Bill Maher