These are romantic works, which unlike pure abstract paintings are layered with secondary meanings. Dunlop intuitively understands the sfumato effect invented by Da Vinci, tones and colours are blended so closely that there is very little discernible transition. The outcome is a very enticing surface.” Jeff Makin, 2009

“The paintings are intensely layered in colour, and light and dark as they are in conceptual meaning. Dunlop demonstrates his command of oil paint in an exhibition consisting of an immense body of work that occupies every corner of the gallery. Less is Morte is a dazzling show of truly beautiful paintings that hang well in the gallery space. Despite the volume of work and its sheer intensity it manages to be neither overbearing nor over-dramatic.”E. Kirsopp, Melbourne Art Review, 2009

“Soon earth will cover us all. Then in time earth too will change; later, what issues from this change will itself in turn incessantly change, and so again will all that then takes its place, even until the world’s end. To let the mind dwell on these swiftly moving billows of change and transformation is to know a contempt for all things mortal.” – Marcus Aurelius AD 121-180