All the paintings are rich interpretations of Richard’s rather organic universe. As the Gallery’s catalogue points out, “Dunlop ensures that his paintings are as organic as his subjects”.  The alchemy which occurs in the artist’s studio is what drives, inspires and sustains Richard, who creates his own worlds in his often richly detailed works. All the works are rich and aesthetically pleasing and Richard has no problem with the artistic ideal of beauty. But his paintings are not glibly attractive and they do suggest hidden depths… a world where life, death and renewal are constant realities. And that’s as it should be.” – Phil Brown, 2012

“When Napoleon invaded Prussia, Queen Louise chose to hide her children in a field of cornflowers, and that arbitrary decision saved their lives.” – Richard Dunlop, 2012

“One of the best painters around, with the paint appearing to move, so that you become drawn into the artist’s world.”Waldemar Janusczak, 2012